Pokemon Go Reveals New Event


The big draw that makes ‘Pokemon Go’ such a tantalizing application and game to play is the shared connection you have with a larger world. Augmented reality and a massive, multiplayer network with other trainers is something that every Pokemon fan has dreamed of over the years. Niantic was granted the opportunity to bring the first augmented reality Pokemon game to life and they’ve largely been succeeding so far, despite a struggling first year. Now, with Niantic getting into the groove in terms of developing updates we can finally start to really enjoy their new events. The latest event has been announced for players all over the world and it begins on September 22nd: the Equinox event.

The Pokemon Go Equinox Event isn’t as eye popping as some of the other events that have blown through the Pokemon Go world this year, but it is still pretty entertaining and beneficial for regular players. The Equinox Event starts on September 22nd and it will run until October 22nd. During this time span players will earn triple XP for catching new Pokemon as well as double stardust for catching any Pokemon and capturing any eggs. This is a great chance for players to really boost their stats and get over the hump for the next level change. 2KM eggs will also be changed as the ones given out by Gyms will now potentially give out Larvitar, Chansey, Mareep and a few other new rares. In order to help people take advantage of the event Niantic is selling event boxes through the Pokemon Go shop for coins that will offer a mix of incubators, lures, and lucky eggs. The coolest item addition will be the Super Incubator which hatches an egg at 1.5 times the rate of regular incubators.

While trainers focus on the Equinox Event they should also pay attention to the Legendary Dog Gym Raids. Right now the three Legendary Dogs, Entei, Raikou and Suicune, are the top tier prizes for big Gym Raids. These legendary Pokemon will only be available until September 30th and after that they won’t be accessible for who knows how long. Trainers in Europe can also catch some of these Legendary Dogs during the Safari Zone events that are happening all over the country.

While these events are a welcome change to the normal, many trainers are still waiting on the coveted trading and PVP updates that Niantic has been hinting at.


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