Nearly 200,000 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Players Have Been Banned So Far


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to break records in the gaming world. Within six months, the game broke 10 million sales and 1 million concurrent players. Some in-game cosmetic items cost over $100.00 to purchase in the Steam Marketplace. Professional competitions including PUBG continue to arise. At this point, PUBG might start to run out of records to break and accomplishments to make. A recent tweet by the developers reveals over 150,000 people have been banned in the game for cheating as well.

Cheating Is Nothing New In Video Games; PUBG Is No Different

Unsurprisingly, thousands upon thousands of people attempt to cheat in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Gaining an advantage in the game of any sort can mean the difference between a high placing and a low placing, mounds of Battle Points or minimal BP. Nobody should be surprised about the sheer number of cheaters caught in the game. In fact, thousands more are cheating right now without getting caught. BattleEye is an excellent tool for catching cheaters in online games, but it’s not perfect.

PUBG players have found various ways to cheat in the game. For instance, speed hacks are popular right now wherein players move incredibly fast at all times. These players are difficult to find and even harder to shoot before they kill another player. A lag-related cheat allowed players to drive through buildings and kill other players. Otherwise, regular players exploit idling in order to amass large amounts of BP without effort. More cheats exist, and they’ll continue to be used or new ones found.

PUBG Isn’t Rampant With Cheating, and That’s A Good Thing

For the most part, cheating in PUBG isn’t a rampant problem. Most players will never encounter a cheater, aside from the idlers. BattleEye will catch most of these players before they can ruin the game for too many people. Video games are always susceptible to cheating by their very nature. In the end, PUBG continues to grow and said growth makes cheating more visible to players and developers alike.

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