What the Heck is a Paper Tablet?


Sometimes, the biggest steps forward in technology seem like steps backward; paradoxically, technology is often at its best when it can rekindles something that’s been lost.

Maybe we’re getting a older and more nostalgic here, but don’t you miss the simplicity of putting a pen or pencil to a clean sheet of paper? Sure–screens have overtaken paper in terms of popularity, but, when it comes to the creative process, who can honestly say they prefer the eye-strain, pop-up ads, and distractions that most tablets and computers offer?

Fortunately, there’s a new gadget that might represent a big change in the organic and natural feeling of technology: paper tablets.

What the Heck is a Paper Tablet?

The idea of a “paper tablet” isn’t exactly new–a notable early example was Amazon’s PaperWhite Kindle. There have been many attempts to emulate the pen/paper experience via stylus/tablet, but they’ve always fallen a bit short (often due to glitchy Flash players that required near-constant updates).

Those in the know (the Popular Mechanics staff, for one) are particularly excited about reMarkable–a new paper tablet offered by XYZ. It claims to offer the best of both worlds: lots of compatible mobile and desktop software, but a squeaky-clean, simple interface.

We were anxious to see if it lived up to the hype.

What’s the Verdict?

Does reMarkable live up to its name? We’re inclined to say yes.

While it doesn’t feel exactly like a pen and a piece of paper, it’s a pleasant writing experience that offers very little lag. From what we could tell, this paper tablet would be great for writers, artists, or even just doodlers.

Its designed well–reMarkable’s white chassis even give it the feel and look of real paper. What’s more, it works with a nice variety of mobile and even desktop software, to help you sync notes automatically, re-arrange notes or layers of artwork.

While the new crop of realistic paper tablets are still new (and consequently: expensive) it might not be a go-to tablet for the average Joe, but we think that gadget geeks everywhere will be rejoicing about this new innovation in tablet technology when they experience the improved features.

It remains to be seen whether the reMarkable will be the paper tablet that turns the tide, but we’re predicting that it very well might be.


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