Why Silent Videos are Fashionable Today


Reports have emerged that the hottest destination for video entertainment is a brand called LADbible. For starters, this is a social media brand that is based in the United Kingdom. Through its Facebook account in July, the page received over three billion views. Despite being branded for UK young men, the brand has attracted people of all sexes from all walks of life. For instance, on a recent afternoon, the page uploaded a video of a gentleman hitting himself using a baseball bat accidentally. After a while, the page uploaded a video showing how French fries can be used to make a pizza. Other funny videos uploaded show a manatee kissing a snorkeler, a tourist riding a slide on the Great Wall of China and even a dog bathing in Jacuzzi. For starters, the videos are from different sources meaning that they are filmed on GoPros and smartphones covering a wide range of issues from around the world. However, these videos have one thing in common. To fully enjoy the videos, it’s important to watch them in silent mode. Those who decide to watch them using sound won’t get the point. However, we currently live in a world where the silent video is the norm of the day. However, we are forced to wear headphones from time to time to watch YouTube videos.

Social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram thrive on mute visual culture. This is meant to encourage endless scrolling. This means that videos that match the interest of a viewer are boosted. In fact, experts have shown that the videos that spread the furthest are the ones that can be watched from any place as they don’t cause disruption. This makes them suitable for watching while in class, behind a working desk or waiting to be served behind the counter. They can also be watched while in bed or a doctor’s office. This means that you can have a private experience despite being in public. At the same time, with the internet being a global market place, silent videos make it possible to overcome the problem of language barrier. According to a video analytics company known as Tabular Labs, 46 percent of the videos without sounds attracted more viewers. Another advertising company known as BBDO Worldwide noted that most videos posted on Facebook are viewed when the sound is off. Modern film makers are learning from silent film makers of the 19th Century.

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