Dealing with a Submerged Smartphone


People who have experienced Hurricane Harvey and Irma can tell you that smartphones and water are like heaven and earth. They don’t relate. According to phone experts, there are ways that you can save your phone after it’s drenched. However, if you are to achieve this, patience is very important. At the same time, your ability to leave the phone alone will decide whether the steps will work. DE iPhone repair expert Gary Tan says that electricity is the reason why many phones fail to recover. He further says that people should resist the temptation of charging their drenched phone. Whenever an electronic with water is charged, the charge will flow along and will lead to short circuiting. Even if the phone is working after being dropped in water, resist the temptation to charge it. TekDry co-founder Craig Beinecke says that most of his customers claim to be lucky. Little do they know that the phone has suffered and should not be charged. When a smartphone doesn’t switch off immediately after dropping into water, it means that it has taken some time for the water to get to the sensitive parts of the phone. However, there are some few cases where the phone has managed to dry out on its own. This is not common though.

Rice treatment
If you do some little research on the internet, you will find out that multiple websites recommend you dry electronics that have been dropped in liquids using uncooked rice. This works by drawing water out. However, experts have shown that this tactic doesn’t work and only adds starch and dust to your troubled phone. Recent research carried out to reveal whether rice is a good drier found out that only 13 percent of water is dried after two days. The experts say that corrosion will have set in by the time your phone is dried fully. The best method to dry smart phones submerged in water is boiling off the water in the electronic under vacuum using low temperatures. There are some dry boxes that have been designed for these purposes and a simple one should cost you at least $70. If you can’t access a drier in good time, there is hope for you as the drier can retrieve water in a phone that was submerged six months ago. However, when it comes to ocean water, the situation is a bit tricky and complicated. Ocean water is known to accelerate rusting and corrosion.

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