Fake Profiles Created During Election


The latest political election was one of the strangest in American history. There were interesting things that took place on both sides of the political debate. In a recent news story from the New York Times, it is reported that there were people who made fake Facebook profiles of Americans during the election. These fake profiles were designed to help sway public opinion on a variety of issues.

There are many people who have believed for many months that Russians tried to interfere in the American election. This is just the latest example of Russians using technology to change the mind of Americans during the election.

Social Media

For many years, social media has been a great way for people to express their opinion on a subject. With all of the differing opinions today, social media can be a great way for people to come together on a topic.

However, social media can also become a place that is divisive and mean. There are some people who no longer use social media because of the negativity. This is just the latest example that social media can be used for both bad and good things in the political arena. In the coming years, political campaigns will have to look for ways to prevent fake Facebook profiles from influencing elections.

Preventing Fraud

Fake social media profiles have been an issue for many years in the technology industry. One of the first uses of these profiles was to artificially increase advertising revenue for companies. There are now ways to spot Facebook bots that only click on ads for companies.

However, this new form of fraud is difficult to scope out. What if someone really has an opinion and is writing about it online? This is a major issue that Facebook needs to work on before the next election cycle. The people who run for political office have a variety of things to worry about, and this is just the latest example that people will do anything to get their favorite person elected.

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