Russia Address Glitch in Apple Developer Accounts


For a few hours now, Apple’s developer portal site was down since it received complaints online that a number of programmers’ home addresses were changed into ones in Russia, prompting speculation that there could have been some kind of violation. The matter, which has since been solved and based on Apple wasn’t a security violation, was initially reported by MacRumors.

A programmer named David Negron, who explains himself on Twitter as the creator of, called attention to the glitch when he tweeted that “all programmer account addresses” were being changed to ones in Russia.

Another programmer, called Kais Karim, additionally tweeted that he had assessed four distinct Apple programmer accounts and all showed the exact same location. Negron and Karim are employees of Quicken Loans in Detroit, Michigan, in accordance with their online profiles; and Karim informed news outlets that he noticed the incorrect Russian location was emerging in both private and professional accounts.

Still another programmer, Dal Rupnik of Slovenia, tweeted that all of his accounts on Developer Member Center in @apple are changed to locations in Russia.

It was unclear if these weird address changes were because of a type of an internal malfunction or a hack against an external force, Apple. The address also had a spelling mistake in it — “Saint-Petesburg” — that made matters even more unclear.

The Apple developer support staff afterwards sent a note out to programmers, a few hours after the issue first surfaced, to assure developers that there was “no security violation.”

“Because of some bug in our accounts management program, your address data was temporarily displayed wrongly on your account details on the Apple Developer site,” the notice read. “The identical incorrect address was found on many influential developer accounts. The inherent code-level bug was immediately solved and your information now shows properly. There was no security violation and at no time were the Apple Developer site, software, or services endangered; nor were some of your Apple Developer membership details obtained by, shared with, or exhibited to anyone.”

It is still uncertain how many programmers had their accounts addresses altered in this period. Following this incident, the programmer portal site was down temporarily for “maintenance,” it is now back up and functioning.

A previous significant hack on the Apple developer portal, back in 2013, closed down the web site for days.


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