SNES Classic Mini Gets Headlines Again — Secret Features Announced!


We can pretty much remember the exact day we first played the Super Nintendo. For many folks it was their first taste of real gaming. Seeing the vibrant colors and the notable characters on screen that we’ve since grown up to love was magical. Now, a new generation of gamers are getting the chance to have that first impression with the SNES Classic Mini. The SNES Classic Mini was announced by Nintendo this past summer as a way for fans to get their hands on a small version of the old school console in a neat little package that actually functions better than its original counterpart. If that doesn’t sell you already, there is a surprising and neat new feature being teased by Nintendo for fans who pre-order the series: a rewind feature.

The Super Nintendo is as well known for its impact on gaming as it is for our desire to hurl our controller across the room. The SNES can have punishing difficulty in some of its older titles and Nintendo is seeking to make things just a little bit easier for those who want the opportunity to complete their old games. The announced rewind feature is only available in certain games but it will be exclusive to users who pre-order the console. The rewind feature will allow you to turn back time, literally in the game, after a particular misstep. Players also have the opportunity to create fluid save points in order to go back in time with a press of the button. The reason for this is simple: Nintendo wants fans to enjoy their old titles as much as possible. Purists might scoff at the feature but they don’t have to use it if they don’t want to.

Nintendo’s announcement of the SNES Mini came on the successful heels of the NES Classic Mini. In fact, the NES Classic sold so well that stocking enough consoles actually became something of a problem. Nintendo plans to make a full year’s run of production consoles for the SNES Mini with a release date slated for September 29. The SNES Mini will be available for around $105 USD. Pre-orders have already gone through the roof and Nintendo has made it clear that they are only going to make making a production run through the end of the year. Some titles featured on the SNES Mini include ‘Final Fantasy III’, ‘Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’, and ‘Super Mario Kart’.


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