The Technology behind Genes


Throughout his entire life, Bob Hutchinson tried to dig about his past but hit a dead end on many occasions. Mr. Hutchinson who is 60 years now says that his mother brushed off everyone who asked her about her family. She never spoke about her family or her heritage. To make things more complicated, her mother didn’t have any family photos. Suspecting that there was more to the story, he embarked on a search mission and the details he found were shocking. He discovered his mother had some hidden history. Previously, her mother would say that she was of Swedish and Italian heritage. His mother’s family lived in Montclair, New Jersey. The family had been described as a Negro in a 1930 census. What Mr. Hutchinson could not come to terms with is that he had African-American heritage. However, technology has made it practically impossible to hold such family secrets. There are numerous technology companies that are specializing in identifying generic relatives. Some of these companies include 23andMe, African Ancestry as well as However, they need your permission to carry out the procedure. Analysis costs between 100 and 350 dollars. These companies report that millions of Americas have subscribed to know their origin. They use specimens such as saliva.

According to scientists, there are many advantages of carrying out these tests. For instance, it’s possible to find out about hidden family events that may have happened years earlier. It’s also possible to discover some genetic disorders and diseases associated with your lineage. What people don’t know is that there limitations that are associated with these tests. As for the case for Mr. Hutchinson, it was revealed that he was an eighth sub-Saharan African. The test was carried out by 23andme that also discovered that he also had some Swedish and Italian Heritage. At the same time, he discovered that his mother had a brother. Through a genealogist, Mr. Hutchinson managed to track his first cousins that lived in Alabama. On their part, they told him that they were told never to contact his family. On their part, they were happy when he called them and he promised to visit next year. However, this technology brings about issues that people prefer to forget. They bring about race, identity, ethnicity as well as ancestry. These are conditions that have been brought about by social factors, geographical factors as well as economic and cultural factors. This technology has a long way to go according to experts.


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