‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ Excels in True Action Fashion


Warner Bros was one of the surprise hit developers a few years ago in 2014 when ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ was released to critical acclaim. The game introduced fans of Middle Earth to a whole new side of the world where violence won out and Rangers fought from the grave in order to bring justice back to the world. The game was such a hit that Warner Bros had to follow up with ‘Shadow of War’ which is due for release in late Fall of this year. Much like the ‘Assassins Creed’ series, which relied upon open-world combat, ‘Shadow of War’ brings another level of fun for players.

Bringing gamers back to Middle Earth and the nemesis system was an easy sale, but it doesn’t mean that the team at Warner Bros. Interactive could get lazy. ‘Shadow of War’ takes place immediately after the events surrounding ‘Shadow of Morder’. Gamers once more step into the boots of Talion, a Ranger who has been protected from the grave in order to fight back against the oppressive forces of Mordor. Talion, if gamers remember, ended the first title by crafting a Ring of Power. With his brand new weapon in tow the game follows Talion as he tries to summon together his own army in order to take on Sauron head on. Does this sound appropriately epic yet?

Combat is once again at the forefront of the title with only modest tweaks to the system that gamers are familiar with. There are more skills to choose from and a new looting system but fans of the first game will immediately feel comfortable with how the game handles. While these systems are fairly untouched they only hint at the greater change in ‘Shadow of War’: the siege system.

The siege system offers an innovative way to approach titles like ‘Shadow of War’. In the siege mode Talion will attack a stronghold and utilize the expansion of the Nemesis system that fans grew to love. Sieges focus on location grabbing during a string of missions. If players want to take over a stronghold they have to capture specific areas while killing the main Warlord running the operation. Each siege is different and gamers will be able to use the upgraded Nemesis system to inflate their ranks. Instead of killing every warlord gamers run into they will now be able to recruit them directly to their army.

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