Reasons for Regulating Artificial Intelligence


We have all seen scary science fiction movies about how things could go wrong with artificial intelligence. Just the other day, Facebook had to shut down an artificial intelligence project after the AI started communicating in a language that Facebook could not understand. Elon Musk, the technology entrepreneur, has spoken about the desire to regulate the field of artificial intelligence. He was speaking to the United States governors. He asked them to do something before it was too late. From time to time, Elon Musk has referred artificial intelligence as an existential threat to mankind. He has always been criticized by people in the field of AI. Some say that a man of his knowledge should not confuse artificial intelligence science with science fiction. Regardless of the stand you take, Elon Must concerns should be looked into especially concerning the issues of privacy, jobs, and weapons. People have always asked whether America needs artificial intelligence and why can’t we halt the process for now. The truth of the matter is that America needs artificial intelligence. Should the country stop the process of designing the technology, it will be overtaken by nations such as China and Russia. However, what we should do with artificial intelligence is that it should not be weaponized. At the same time, humanity should have the impregnable off switch.

In 1942, a science writer known as Isaac Asimov wrote about the laws of robotics and he narrowed them to three laws. The first law of robotics is that they should never harm a human being. At the same time, the first law does not allow for inaction by the robot which would result in the destruction of mankind. The second law of robotics requires a robot to obey the commands given by a human being. However, should the orders conflict with the first law, the robot should not obey the second command. Finally, the third command requires robots to protect their own existence. In doing this, they should follow the first and the second law. Despite these laws being elegant, they have been termed as ambiguous by a number of scholars. For instance, some scholars or artificial intelligence scientists question what the term harm means. We live in a world of moral bankruptcy where even if the artificial intelligence is used for government systems, corporate and private systems, there are some people who will smuggle the technology for stock manipulation, cyber bullying as well as terrorism.

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