Chinese company wants you to remember the BlackBerry


Any history of phones and their improvements can’t be written without talking about the BlackBerry. Conversely, that history also was forgotten as technology passed the company by in recent years.
The Canadian manufacturer once had top-of-the-line phones especially produced for the businessperson. The BlackBerry was small, easy to handle and had a keyboard that revolutionized texting an on-the-go emailing. However, other companies such as Apple and Samsung evolved, while BlackBerry was stuck in the past and was forced to restructure its plans.
BlackBerry Limited has since branched out with agreements crafted with other foreign companies to take over making new phones. One of those companies, TCL of China, is poised to release another BlackBerry phone in October, reported.
TCL released the BlackBerry KeyOne in February of this year. The latest phone will feature a touchscreen and remove the traditional keyboard look, according to the report.
The touchscreen BlackBerry is in response to consumer demand. TCL understands this and said it was giving consumers more options. This is especially important given newer models of top phones by Google and Samsung are expected to be released by the end of this year.
“We should not be blind to the demand that’s out there,” TCL global sales manager Francois Mahieu told
Mahieu reassured current BlackBerry users that the future will have keyboards, including the one used by the KeyOne. The touchscreen push is an aim to show the phone world that BlackBerry can compete.
BlackBerry was one of the top sellers in the first part of the new century. Samsung and Apple quickly caught up and lapped BlackBerry with more intuitive, faster and more powerful phones. Both of those companies also offer cloud-based storage.
TCL is ready to keep pushing in the changing market. reported the company planned on releasing at least three BlackBerry devices in 2017. Mahieu said the company has a vision for the future.
“We’re here to stay,” he told


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