‘Pokemon Go’ Looking at Transformative New Update


Niantic has been the team behind the development of one of the most hyped up and popular mobile games of all time, ‘Pokemon Go’. Last summer ‘Pokemon Go’ released to a world of hype as it sought to branch two surging elements in the gaming world: the Pokemon franchise and augmented reality. Who hasn’t dreamed of being the next great Pokemon trainer? Niantic promised the ability for trainers to go around the world catching every type of Pokemon while also battling and trading with other trainers. While this hasn’t happened the way most have thought, there still has been a ton of fun to be had. Now, Niantic is looking at pushing the gameplay mechanics of their popular mobile game to the next level with the release of a great new item: the Super Incubator.

At its core ‘Pokemon Go’ is all about encouraging gamers to get outside and see the world, maybe getting a little bit of exercise along the way. In order to encourage this physical exercise the guys and girls at Niantic developed the ‘egg’ system. Trainers collect Pokemon eggs that they can hatch after walking a certain amount of kilometers. This is a gameplay mechanic pulled straight from the mobile line of ‘Pokemon’ games. One of the biggest concerns with this system in real life is that it can take a LONG time to hatch those rare 10 KM eggs. So, in response to this problem Niantic is developing what is tentatively titled as the Super Incubator.

The Super Incubator hasn’t officially been announced but that doesn’t mean fans didn’t find out about it. online sleuths dug through the game files released in the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ update in order to uncover a world of new updates and changes that could be coming in the near future. Among those potential updates is the release of Gen 3 Pokemon and the Super Incubator item. Fans are speculating exactly what the Super Incubator could do but right now the common theory is that it will expedite the egg hatching speeds. Being able to hatch eggs faster will mean that trainers are able to get to those rare Pokemon even quicker which provides a benefit largely to rural players who otherwise don’t have as many opportunities as their city counterparts. Fans are also gearing up for a number of new additions including Exclusive Raid battles in the near future.

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