Dating Companies will not Tolerate Hate Groups


Online services and social media companies that make money from offering these services are enacting rules that will prohibit material that they deem hateful and racist. This means that they are planning on preventing neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and groups that support extremism from accessing their services. The biggest social media companies in Silicon Valley have implemented measures that allow their users to report issues such as harassment and hate speech. These are just the measures that Facebook and Twitter have implemented. As for PayPal, it has barred their services from groups that they deem as hate groups. This means that such groups cannot be able to access financial services of PayPal. Lyft and Uber, on the other hand, have resorted to telling their drivers to report customers they deem as unacceptable to the police. Airbnb also took part in the Virginia protests when it revoked the stays of white supremacists in Charlottesville. Dating apps have not been left behind in these efforts. They have welcomed barring people who spread hate from using their services. This is not a surprise as these apps have been known to subject their customers to a wide range of screening including religious beliefs, weight, and even height.

On their part, dating apps have intensified these screenings following the 12th August protests. One dating company that has been swift in these measures is OKCupid which said that it was suspending notable while nationalists from their services. The company mentioned this in a tweet. This came after a woman who uses their services reported to the company that she had recognized a man from the protests whom she had interacted with through OKCupid. The man was Christopher Cantwell who became popular when he appeared on a documentary supporting violence. He later surrendered to the police after several complaints about his behavior were reported to University of Virginia Police Department. In a statement, OKCupid said that they had gathered enough evidence which led to the man being banned for life from using their services. The company contacted the user to make sure it was the real Cantwell who was banned for life after the confirmation. The technology company later tweeted that there was no room for hate in people who were looking for love. The company later released a statement urging their users to report anyone suspected of spreading hate messages. Other dating companies such as Bumble and Tinder are also weighing their options.

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