The Galaxy Note 8 Introduces New Features not Available with the S8


Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 8, is an attempt to stand out from the crowd with new features not available in previous phones released by the company. After the battery incident with the Note 7, Samsung has a lot of damage control to do to regain the trust of customers.

The Note 8 has a couple different features to make it stand out from the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The note boasts a significantly larger screen and a more precise S-pen that is now waterproof and has a smaller tip to make writing and taking notes easier.

The camera is something else that has grabbed the attention of tech lovers. The Note 8 has two rear-facing cameras to create a “bokeh” effect to focus on the main image with a blur for the background. Users can control the impact of the second camera. Individuals can also zoom out to capture a larger image than a single camera allows. It creates an entire scene as opposed to an individual person, animal or another subject.

Live messages increase interactivity, reports The feature is based on Apple’s previously introduced Digital Touch, allowing you to either write or draw a message and send it to someone in an animated format. The S-pen makes this even easier with added precision and ability to capture every mark you make.

A handy feature to complement the already existing multi-window app feature is the ability to create a shortcut to open both applications at the same time, making the process smoother and enhancing the Samsung experience. The new feature is called App pair and utilizes the edge of the screen. You have the ability to select two apps that are compatible with multi-window mode and have a shortcut to automatically open both apps. As long as the app supports this mode, you can use the feature with any two that you use.

Some of the features are limited to hardware, such as the rear camera, but others such as app pair could potentially appear with software updates on other Samsung Galaxy devices. Some will eventually find their way to the Galaxy S8, but there’s a good chance it will be quite some time to give the Note 8 its own time to shine and capture the market.

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