Rwanda Is The Drone Delivery Capital Of The World


Amazon is fine tuning the company’s drone delivery service, but it is still in the infant stage. But in Rwanda, East Africa drone delivery service is a huge success. Cutting edge drone delivery service is not one accomplishment people think about when East Africa is part of a conversation. Countries like Singapore and the United States are the countries that have massive drone delivery service plans in the works. But Rwanda is delivering medical supplies and other necessities by drone now, and the program is living up to expectations. The results are so good, Tanzania will launch its own drone delivery service. In 2018, the government of Tanzania will deliver medical supplies throughout the country. Rwanda has 1,400 of those medical drone deliveries under its belt.

Thanks to all the tech developments coming out of Silicon Valley, people assume the United States is way ahead of other countries when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotic advancements. But according to the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo, that’s a modern day fairy tale. Zipline is the Silicon Valley startup supplying drones to Rwanda and Tanzania. Rinaudo said developing drone service is not about the country with the most resources, it’s all about the countries willing to try new things and implementing modern regulatory reforms.

The Tanzania plan is to open four drone distribution centers with Zipline. Those centers will support 2,000 flights per day. Two hundred drones will participate in the daily flights. Zipline is talking to another drone company, so drone service can expand to other countries. Tanzania delivers $600 million worth of medical supplies by truck four times a year. The drones will take some of the pressure off the trucks. The drones will deliver medical supplies every week, and they will also be available for emergencies. Tanzania has a one-year contract with Zipline, but the plan is to expand the program once the year ends. The drones must stay below the height of traditional aircraft in Tanzania, and they must stay away from airports. Plus, the drones have a parachute that will deploy if a drone malfunctions. The Rwanda drone program is effective and safe, and Tanzania expects the same results.

The interesting point in the drone delivery service story is Amazon only has one successful delivery under its massive belt, and that was a delivery in Britain. Switzerland, China, the United States and New Zealand have drone delivery service plans, but federal and local restrictions are getting in the way, according to Zipline executives.


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