OneLogin Breaks Down What Online Privacy Means in 2017


The world of social media is changing faster than anyone could have anticipated, and it not only affects the way a business will deploy secure applications, it affects how users interact with those businesses. In order to make these interactions more secure, a shift from direct interaction by way of mobile app is now being mediated by third-party platforms like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

This can create security challenges for these businesses, especially if they are working within highly regulated sectors like the health industry or financial services.

Taking Charge in a Business Industry
One company in taking charge and providing these companies a way to secure information relayed through conversational apps, by offering privacy, compliance, and security in this digital world. OneLogin is a leading internet security company that understands without the trust of the customer, you simply lose the client. As social media continues to grow at break-neck speeds, so too does the need to secure these conversational platforms from hackers and breaches. OneLogin understands as much, because a platform is only as strong as the weakest link in that chain.

To better understand what OneLogin is doing to rise in an exploding industry, just look at how far they have come in such a short time. OneLogin is considered to be the leader in identity management, offering clients both speed and integrity in their mobile apps. Even major players like AirBus understand how vital it is to have a company that excels in online security, having chosen OneLogin to power and transform their cloud services for customers, partners, and employees.

Working at the Core
To be able to secure information that is relayed through conversational apps, it all comes down to the back-end service. OneLogin explains that a platform is vulnerable to attack if you do not correctly marry encryption (SSL) with a powerful firewall to protect every end-point. Understand that the majority of conversational services are making use of account linking features, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to simplify the process. If not done in the most secure manner however, you open the door to a world of trouble. Which is why OneLogin technicians understand anyone with physical access to those devices can easily access all the services. They stop that breach by implementing second-factor authentication layers so the end-user can only access the information and services. Whenever there’s an attempt to access that personal information, now only the customer has the code to get in.

The Importance of Privacy
Although it is very convenient to be using conversational services, you have to be willing to do some work on the front-end so you can enjoy all those features without a chance of your information or services being breached. OneLogin understands the importance of privacy within these applications, and offers the following security tips if you are using any of the following. With Amazon Alexa, make certain only your voice is recorded for business interactions so the information can only be managed by the end-user. With Facebook Messenger, know that this application is often managed by an outside third-party, so limit access to dedicated users by setting up a separate page dedicated for that chatbot. With Siri, since the conversation is handled internally, make sure the application invokes the required parameters and intent

Compliance with Organizational Needs
Whether you are providing your users an application that is HIPAA, SOC, or PCI, it needs to be compliant with your organizational needs. This means that every link within the communication chain needs to also be compliant. OneLogin understands as much, and thyat from Google Home to your platform, everything must be secure. WThey provide these secure solutions from end-to-end, at the application and network levels. By making the service redundant, They help customers to be prepared for any situation in the event of a breakdown.

Learn more from the OneLogin website, including additional security tips, or you can also follow them on Twitter for quick tips and privacy news.


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