Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advice: Electric Vehicles, Food Delivery, and Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly's Investment Advice in Three Key Areas
Paul Mampilly's Investment Advice in Three Key Areas

Recent statistics indicate that just over 40% of Americans invest or own stocks of some sort. Many more are interested in learning how to invest properly, but they aren’t sure of how to get started. Investing is a risk, of course, but much of this risk can be mitigated by making wise choices based on the advice of experienced investment advisor. Investment guru Paul Mampilly has recently extended some powerful advice governing three investment sectors that are sure to see a great deal of growth over the next few years.

Who is Paul Mampilly? How can following his investment advice help you become more financially secure? Below we will cover some of Mr. Mampilly’s recent words of wisdom regarding investments in electric vehicles, precision medicine, and food delivery services.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is now a well-known American investor who has been featured on several mainstream news channels dispensing his advice and wealth of knowledge on this topic. Mr. Mampilly also founded a successful investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. His newsletter has a broad reach, with well over 90,000 subscribers. Through this means, Paul has helped countless interested individuals gain the confidence and knowledge they need to make wise investment decisions.

Mr. Mampilly came to the United States as a young man, but he was born in India. He quickly gained an avid interest in finances, investment, and Wall Street in general. His successful career of over 25 years had a humble beginning. Paul Mampilly got his break into the investment world when he began working as a portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust in 1991. Since that time, Paul Mampilly has held several prominent positions for well-known financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Deutsche Bank, among many private financial institutions as well.

In addition to a long standing successful career and a knack for providing wise investment advice to others, Mr. Mampilly also has an outstanding record of personal investments he himself has made. In fact, he experienced a 2,500% gain by investing in a drug treatment developed by Sarepta Therapeutics back in 2012. By taking a leap of faith in this company’s history of providing high-quality medication therapies, Paul invested in the product while it was still in its infancy and made a huge profit as a result. Paul Mampilly has a steady stream of other similar wise investment choices he has made through the years. He makes his decisions based on current market trends and research, and as such he can provide all interested parties with investment advice to spur them toward similar success to what he has experienced.

Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advice in Three Key Areas

Paul Mampilly recently extended some beneficial investment advice covering three key areas of current and future growth. This will be discussed in more detail below.

Electric Vehicles

It’s no secret that things are constantly evolving in this world. As technological advancements are made, improvements are applied to virtually every product imaginable. A great example is with cell phones. Not that long ago, smart phones were unheard of. The basic phones that held the dominant share of the marketplace at that time would now be classified as rudimentary phones by comparison. Today, virtually everyone owns a smart phone, and no one would even consider purchasing an outdated Nokia.

In a similar vein, Paul Mampilly is predicting a shift in the way Americans purchase their vehicles. The types of cars that dominate the market now have thousands of working parts that must be maintained, replaced, and well-cared for. This comes at a huge cost over the lifetime of owning a vehicle, and that’s over and above fuel and tire costs. With the advent of electric cars, we now have the ability to own a car with just three basic moving parts to maintain. This drastically lowers the cost of owning this type of vehicle. Forget investing in popular vehicle manufacturing companies that have a huge share of the market right now, because electric vehicles are the way of the future. In a few short years, Mr. Mampilly expects that we will see this trend toward electric vehicles expand exponentially, making this a wise choice for current investment opportunities.

Precision Medicine

In the same way that technology brings about constant changes to the things we own, such as cars and phones, it also affects our healthcare system. Researchers are currently working on making precision medicine a standard practice of medical care for all patients across the country. Personalized medicine is referring to the use of genetic testing in diagnosing and treating patients today. In simple terms, this means that doctors will be able to have a complete genetic profile of each patient’s DNA. They can then run this information against a database of various DNA profiles to be able to select targeted treatment options for the patient in question. Targeting an individual’s medical treatment to their specific genetic code will allow for faster diagnosis of serious problems, as well as more effective treatment choices. Rather than investing in major drug manufacturing companies, Paul Mampilly recommends that investors go the route of putting their money on these genetic testing companies that are paving the way for personalized medicine to become standard practice.

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Food Delivery Systems

More people today eat out regularly than ever before. This is especially true of specific age groups, such as those who still have young children at home and live busy lives as a result. However, we are also experiencing a shift toward healthy eating. However, healthy eating and convenience are often two things that simply don’t coincide too often. However, there have been several food delivery systems that have popped up over the last few years. Paul Mampilly sees these companies as the way the food system will be revolutionized over the next few years. Since so many have a desire to eat more healthfully, but still rely heavily on convenience, food delivery services are the perfect marriage of both. These companies are designed to deliver healthy ingredients right to your doorstep that you can use to create healthful meals for your family. They not only take the guesswork out of the equation, but they also limit waste, making them exceedingly popular.

When faced with an ever-expanding array of companies and products to choose from, it can be hard to know what to invest in without the right support. Paul Mampilly’s outstanding record of his own investment successes makes it easy to put faith in his recommendations for others. By following his sound advice, we can all be assured that we will continue to see growth in these three areas, making them wise choices for current investing ventures.

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