Selecting the Right SEO Consultant for Your Business


Implementing the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the beginning of launching credible web marketing strategies suitable for increasing your business website’s online presence, which will translate into increased profits. A well-optimized website gets good search engine rankings and attracts visitors who can make conversions.

If you increase your search engine visibility on the mainstream search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you’re likely to get more traffic that may convert into sales. Choosing an experienced SEO consultant who can customize your SEO solutions to suit your industry’s specific needs can be quite overwhelming for starters. Here are questions that you should ask potential candidates of SEO consultants:

How will you improve my site’s search engine rankings?

Avoid SEO consultants who are not willing to discuss their SEO methods or strategies. Make certain that the potential consultant describes the tailored strategies he or she will employ in driving your site up on the search engine rankings and a realistic timeframe within which you should expect to start seeing results. The candidate should be able to conduct a review of your site and propose some of the technical problems that he feels need to be weeded out like broken links and error pages.

A credible consultant can propose ‘on page’ optimization that can make your site search engine friendly. This is a simple procedure that involves improving your URL and developing tags and viable webpage titles. A good agency should go an extra mile in providing ‘off page’ awareness creation about your business website through press releases, social media platforms, and blogs.

Who are your current and previous clients?

An established SEO service provider will be willing to share a list of some of its current and former clients with prospects. These references will help you gauge whether the consultant is experienced and capable of delivering on his promises. On the consultant’ website, you can read reviews from previous clients to judge whether the agency’s previous customers have realized improved rankings and conversions, as a direct result of the agency’s SEO efforts. Go to this website to learn more about the consultant’s portfolio in detail and compare various services alongside their quotes before signing a contract.

Do you adhere to the webmaster guidelines of search engines?

Google has a webmaster best practices post which outlines the prohibited SEO tricks such as spamming content and using hidden texts or links. Any credible SEO consultant knows the 12 prohibited tricks and how to avoid relegating a website to lower rankings or a ban on search engines.

Do you have experience in improving local search results?

Hiring a consultant who has expertise in optimizing brick-and-mortar business in the local search results for nearby customers is a good start. A business website that has been optimized for ‘local SEO’ will pop up on search engines whenever customers in your locality are searching for keywords relevant to the products or services that you offer.

What changes will you make on my site?

A qualified and experienced SEO consultant will review your site and be able to tell you some of the first changes he will make on your existing webpage coding. You ought to be certain whether you want to give the consultant a permission to change the website code of some of or all of your web pages.

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