‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’ Gets Amazing New Trailer!


The Wild world of Pokemon is descending upon us once more with the release of Pokemon ‘Ultra Moon’ and Pokemon ‘Ultra Sun’. The newest entry to the Pokemon franchise is set to hit the Nintendo 3DS this year and it will be bringing a slew of new interesting ideas, concepts, and updates to the beloved franchise. While details have largely been scarce over the past six months or so, the door was blown wide open by an enlightening trailer replete with new details. The trailer was short enough not to give anything away but still full enough of ideas that we’re ready to hit the road again and start training our new Pokemon.

For those not familiar with the Pokemon franchise, this will be a generational update for the already released ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ titles. However, it seems to have been made clear that trainers are getting more than just a graphical update to their beloved Alola region. ‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’ is bringing a host of new landmark changes to the very core of the game itself. Shots in the trailer reveal a bunch of different details that show the Alola region to be evolving in a whole entire new way. Hawk eyed trainers likely caught the image of the Alola map only it looked much different this time around with dark and ominous clouds spreading over the world. This new graphical update goes right in line with the main tease from the trailer: “New secrets of the Alola region will be revealed.”

Among the litany of small updates we managed to see in the trailer are complete updates to the avatar system. Your Pokemon trainer has never looked better in his or her Alola garb. Quick images flashing by in the short trailer also reveal entire new areas in the region that showcase new landscapes, different buildings, and new characters being dropped into the game. Above all we get more hints at the mysterious Necrozma, an Ultra Beast Pokemon that is said to garner significant focus in this new entry.

Competitive battlers will also want to be aware that a bunch of new Z-Moves will be released in this title thanks to the addition of a new item. That new item, the Z-Power Ring, will be given to trainers early on in the game in order to familiarize themselves with new mechanics. ‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’ are set for release on November 17th, 2017.



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