Back Up Plan for Today’s Solar Eclipse


    The D-day is finally here with us.21st August is a day that many people have waited for since NASA announced that America sits on the path of a total solar eclipse, something that has not happened in the country for the last 100 years. To make it more interesting, viewers will experience this phenomenon from Oregon to South Carolina. But the question to ask now is, are you prepared for the solar eclipse? However, only a lucky few will get to experience the solar eclipse. The eclipse is expected to begin at 1:15 pm EDT at Oregon. During this phenomena, a 70-mile wide shadow will be cast on earth. The eclipse will then end at 2.49 pm EDT time in South Carolina. There are some things that you can do before the eclipse. First, you can learn some important safety tips on how to watch the eclipse. You can then proceed by learning the science behind the eclipse. Finally, you can teach yourself how to act as a citizen scientist during the whole process. Remember that there are some eclipse chasers whose job is to chase after these celestial events. According to one eclipse chaser that talked to the New York Times, he advises you to get to a point where you can experience the solar eclipse as it happens to be the most awesome astronomical event in the entire universe.

    At the same time, it’s advisable that you refrain from looking at the eclipse using your bare eyes. Ensure that you have the proper gear with you. In case you forgot to buy the gear, you can learn how to make a pinhole projector. There are plenty of guides on the internet on how you can make one. An eclipse is only memorable if you experience it in a group of people. Scientists say that it helps you connect with a crowd in a way you have never experienced. At the same time, there is an emotional intensity and excitement associated with a group of people. It’s also important to take as many pictures as possible. This is unlike the normal theory that people spend a lot of time documenting moments rather than just experiencing them. Research has shown that those people who document events have a better chance of remembering them. What if your plan is ruined by weather? Let’s say it becomes cloudy in your chosen area. You need not to worry as there are plenty of places where you can watch the solar eclipse online. Just Google it.

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