A Floating Bar to Replace the Secondary Screen of LG V30 Phablet Device with User Interface Called UX 6.0+.


The upcoming tech-smart phablet device by LG V30 will have a set of fascinating new features. Like in the previous two years, for the last two weeks, the tech firm from South Korea has been preempting information about the new features of the device. The new user interface it has revealed for the V30 is called UX 6.0+.

It does not come as a surprise that the new interface will enhance the presence of LG V30, and the latest version has been innovatively designed to operate well with the 18:9 OLED FullVision Display. More rounded icons such as the weather widget and the Google Search bar have been tweaked to give the new UI on the home screen innovative power.

Peeking out from one side of the screen is a floating bar which gives the UX 6.0 + a distinctive feature. For instance, if you wanted to take notes, all you need to do it to tap it so that the bar expands to allow you to access more apps. Other features include apps for other recently applied functions, opening the calendar, contacts, and accessing the settings.

The floating bar which is semi- transparent will in the upcoming LG V30 replace the missing secondary display. The display details of the LG V30 have already been made known. However, even though the floating bar will make is simple to access many apps, the new UI will not have the notification alerts similar to those found in the LG V10 and V20 which never interfered with the main view although it was displayed inside the secondary ticker.

More dynamic and customizable Always-On display will also be seen beside the floating bar. It will have the enhanced capability of displaying personal photos, Quick Tools, music player and the clock. Another feature that will be found inside the camera mode of V30 is a Graphy that will enhance the photography of the camera. In all other V series, LG has always ensured that camera department remains in the lead.

Depending on the style and mood that the users need, the Graphy will enable them to select a series or portfolio of professional shots. From the Graphy website, they will also be able to download other photos taken by professionals or from mobile apps and use the preset metadata of the images to enhance their photos. There will also be options for accessing Quick Video Editor and GIFs.

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