Tech Giant Apple Spending $1 Billion on Original Content


Tech giant Apple is going beyond even Steve Job’s wildest dreams by setting aside $1 billion for original media content for 2018. This news comes on the heels of the Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple planned on unloading a “war chest” to bring a new era of entertainment to customers.

It’s hard to believe some of these numbers but HBO spent $2 billion on original content last year alone. When you consider the production values of a show like “Game of Thrones” and the sheer volume of great original content coming out of HBO then big figures like that start to make sense. In a sense, though, Apple is playing catch up, yet it’s anything but too little too late since Apple is putting a sizable amount on the table and swooping in just in time to take advantage of customers’ appetite for mobile apps and on-the-go binge watching.

The training wheels, if you will, for Apple’s media ambitions came this year when viewers got a taste of two of Apple’s original productions. Looking forward to 2018, the staff at the Wall Street Journal surmised that Apple could produce as many as ten different, original shows with that budget.

Apple will be working closely with its affiliates at Sony to bring engaging and all-original programming to screens around the world. Other tech giants like Amazon punctured the digital media and entertainment worlds years ago with hit shows like “Transparent,” and Apple is hoping to do that and more by offering original programming that competes with HBO’s true high flyers like “Game of Thrones.”

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