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Daniel Mark Harrison is a famous entrepreneur, an author, and media expert. He is also the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), a family office with work stations and dynamic operations in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. He owns and manages the family office whose mission is to looks after and assist in the growth of his personal and family’s assets.

Additionally, he is a managing partner of Blockchain funding firm Monkey Capital and Fintech. Money Capital is a decentralized hedge fund investing in SpaceX supply contracts and the Blockchain systems. It simultaneously speculates on the large blocks of crypto making history as the first ICO to effectively sell pre-ICO options. Money capital has got the market excited. The company has a unique blend of high-quality operations, compelling projects and not forgetting a management team comprising of all stars brings real world benefits.

It brings a deep value in Blockchain networks investing in turn producing Ethereum-style gains. Evidently Monkey Capital has received recognition, such as the 6 out of five-star rating from the United States nationally-syndicated radio host Chris Waltzek. He gave the rating while interviewing Daniel Mark Harrison the company’s founder and manager in a segment on Thursday. Notably, Chris Waltzek has managed to interview prominent financial names such as George Soros and Jim Rodgers billionaire hedge fund managers.

Huffington Post also branded Monkey Capital’s ICO as the “billion dollar baboon.” Senior writer Azeem Khan reported that the chat rooms plan to raise a billion dollars or more. It will mark the first ten digit sum ever to be raised in a crowd funding campaign. Money Capital has clearly taken the market by storm. It will proceed to launch its ICO once the buyers have an opportunity to subscribe to Monkey. According to Daniel Mark Harrison, the management team was able to distribute COEVAL tokens to friends, family, and “hot girls.”

The holder of COEVAL tokens can buy the MNY tokens present at the auction at a reduced rate. The company also held an unplanned Slack, and Harrison explained to investors and volumes exploded on Waves DEX the tokens functionality and pricing. Daniel Mark Harrison went ahead and said that the goal is to make history by being the first to create crowd funding options. Clearly, Daniel Mark Harrison embraces innovation and breakthroughs.

To add on to his long list, Daniel Mark Harrison also published Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World, his first book. The book combines fiction with real journalism, exploring the effects of the millennial attitudes on various subjects. Azeem Khan, former startup CEO and the Huffington Post culture critic, applauded Harrison’s efforts to make literature a place where ideas can be discussed and exchanged.

In journalism, Daniel Mark Harrison has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Street.com, Forbes, and online dailies such as Portfolio magazine and The Daily Dot. He is also a constant visitor on the business news channels such as CNN, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Daniel Mark Harrison also prides himself in his scholarly achievements. He developed the concept of Factory Banking, a value in the view of Stabell and Fjelstad’s examination concerning Michael Porters display in 1999. Currently, manufacturing plant is the most broadly utilized value configuration model used for transactions and organizations in the internet of things economy. Harrison recently began to work on another market evaluating model which challenges the validity of Free Market Economy pricing models known as the Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium.

Daniel Mark Harrison writes for CoinSpeaker, and he broke numerous stories such as The End of CoinDesk’s proxy Index. The story led to CD making changes to the index and a month suspension of one Chinese exchange from the index. The other articles included stories on the new findings of all Bitcoin holdings already spent, and top Bitcoin brokerage sees margin shooting up ten times in twenty-four hours. Interestingly he managed the editorial team and assisted with the improvement of the site in planning for syndication through Google News and many others.

CoinSpeaker started in the second quarter of 2014, is one of the leading news sources for professionals in the field of Bitcoin and Altcoin. To add on, it represents the second largest Bitcoin website on the web. It experiences a readership of over two hundred thousand new visitors each month consisting of start-ups CEOs, venture capitalists and private bank analysts just to mention but a few. CoinSpeaker possesses a different community of market professionals who are high net worth readers.

Daniel Mark Harrison was also a publisher and an Editor in Chief at Marx Rand. Marx Rand is a general news interest publication focusing on exploring independent mind concepts. The publication outed an FBI officer who was working undercover as head of the Ku Klux Klan. It also uncovered a link between Toyota’s manufacturer and how the company employs slave labor. The publication also went ahead and brought to light the failure of the FDA and the United States drug companies in attempts to resolve the increasing incidence of Cervical Cancer in Haiti. Americans were giving millions of dollars in vain to aid the island nation thus prompting Marx Rand story.

Daniel Mark Harrison does not shy away from volunteering. Over a period of two years, he served as a columnist on BNET.com and Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool. He worked at United States finance journals, was a senior writer in Credit Flux in Debt issuance and syndication and a senior reporter in Index Universe New York and Hard Assets Investor. Evidently, Daniel Mark Harrison has served in various positions and different capacities. Overall, his career achievements are impressive.

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