SnapChat Features Worries Some About Privacy And Terrorism


The power that social media websites have in our daily lives is almost incalculable. The more that we rely on these websites to bring us information, the more power we hand to them. Of course, a lot of that information is supplied voluntarily by us. We want others to know about us, so we provide the social media sites with that information. Usually it is relatively harmless, but there are some dangers. reports that the new Snap Map feature from SnapChat has plenty of people worried about privacy and even terrorist attacks.

The feature allows SnapChat users to see where their friends are on a map and what they are up to. It shows if they are driving, listening to music, or even hanging out at the beach. Whatever activity they are up to, the Snap Map will show it. That is something that has privacy advocates worried. They know that teenagers make up about twenty-two percent of SnapChat, and that makes these concerns all the more pressing.

The person who opts in for this service does not even have to be trying to share a picture on SnapChat to have their location plastered all over the Snap Map. Worst of all, the locations are far too accurate. The Map can show exact addresses where a person lives. That of course is highly concerning to most people. You just never know who might want access to that information!

It is not just great for personally spying on friends and family, but the Map also makes it possible to see where masses of people are gathering. It provides a heat map of sorts to see where there is an unusual amount of human traffic. This may seem like a fun way to keep up with breaking news and cool events, but it just might also help out those who wish to do harm.

Terrorism with the Snap Map is a real fear for some. They don’t like the idea that anyone might have access to information about where they are as well as many other humans. Crowded events have often been the place where terrorists strike. They like to take out as many people as possible all at the same time. Thus, the Snap Map may actually provide them with ideas about where to strike. It is yet another thing that has people worried about this particular feature. It is something that may put pressure on the company to stop providing it.

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