‘Pokemon Go’ Gets Fun New Update


Last summer the developers at Niantic released what would go on to instantly become one of the most downloaded applications of all time, ‘Pokemon Go’. This augmented reality game for your mobile phone put you right into the shoes of your favorite Pokemon trainer. The game allows users to go around in the real world in order to hunt down and capture wild Pokemon, fight gyms, and collect items along the way. There have been a rash of new developments for ‘Pokemon Go’ over the past couple of months and not all of them have been good — more on that later. However, the latest announcement from Niantic includes the addition of SHINY Pokemon to the game! Who can complain about that?

If you have played Pokemon before then you know just how exciting it is to capture a shiny little creature. Shiny Pokemon are not functionally different than their common counterparts but they are incredibly rare and cool to look at. Shiny Pokemon are essentially just regular Pokemon with a slightly tweaked color pallet. They look cool, make you feel special, and make your friends jealous — what’s not to love? The newest shiny Pokemon to join ‘Pokemon Go’ is Shiny Pikachu, of course. Shiny Pikachu is the third Shiny Pokemon added to the game, after Magikarp and Gyrados, but we can already tell that it is going to be a fan favorite. Pikachu’s newest color pallet shows different shaded ears and skin with sparkles int he background. A Shiny Pikachu will of course evolve into a Shiny Raichu, so don’t be afraid to use your thunder stone!

This new update is marginal at best in terms of the greater outlook for the mobile game, but it is a much needed respite from the negativity that has been raining down on Niantic. This past July Niantic held their first real world event, Pokemon Go Fest, in Chicago. The festival was an unmitigated disaster with poor mobile reception, poor planning, and an over-crowded Grant Park. Fans were livid with the event and there has even been talks of a class action lawsuit being placed. Since then Niantic has put a delay on their scheduled summer events throughout Europe until they can get a better handle on how to proceed. There has also been news on a change in how region-locked Pokemon are accessible. Could Niantic be softening the difficulty curve to make up for a disastrous Pokemon Go Fest?


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