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In the wake of the recent ransomware attacks, such as Petya and WannaCry, there has been plenty of outrage over the devastating effects of these hacks and recommendations about how we can prevent them in the future. As someone who has been a victim of ransomware personally, I can attest to a headache that these hackers leave in their wake. Ever since I was hacked, I have been retracing my online activities to figure out what exactly put me in the precarious situation of having my personal cyber security at risk. I have come to the realization that the problem lies beyond individual PC users.

Microsoft recently shared some of its theories on how ransomware attacks could be stopped. While these strategies will not change the fact that I was hacked and had all of my personal identifying information exposed, they do serve to engage industry leaders on a broader scale about how personal cyber security can be significantly safer. One of the first things that Microsoft says has to happen to improve personal cyber security is that companies must stop using Windows XP. This operating system is completely outdated, and Microsoft would like to see it retired entirely. The problem with this suggestion is that many companies do not have the internal software in place to handle a switch from Windows XP to Windows 10. Even though it is widely believed that Windows 10 is much less vulnerable to ransomware attacks than Windows XP, many companies are not yet ready to invest the time and resources to bite the bullet.


The more challenging proposal from Microsoft is for governments to agree to a “Digital Geneva Convention.” This idea is aimed at discouraging governments from discovering lapses in Windows security and then using these vulnerabilities to attack their enemies. Instead of targeting other governments or innocent civilians with these glitches, governments would be required to alert Microsoft as to the issues so that they can be corrected as quickly as possible. This would ensure that no government can profit by hoarding valuable information about Windows’ shortcomings and that individual users do not fall victim to political maneuvering with their own personal information being bandied about.


Rubica is one of the cutting-edge private cyber security companies that are making strides in the fight against ransomware attacks. Although large corporations have the resources to dedicate to securing their data, private individuals rarely have the money or expertise to protect themselves as diligently as they should against cyber-attacks. Speaking from personal experience, I was perfectly content with my anti-virus software on my PC before I was hacked a few months ago. Rubica now fills the void in cyber security services between large corporations and average individuals. The team at Rubica provides the type of in-depth monitoring that was formerly only available to the super wealthy and governments.


With offices in Seattle and San Francisco, Rubica is at the heart of the tech industry. It attracts some of the top talents from government organizations and private companies to continue to create the most advanced systems of cyber monitoring for personal cyber security. Rubica continues to grow its team and broadens its customer base with the goal of securing as many people as possible against the dangers of personal cyber-attacks.


What is most appealing about Rubica is that it does not require that its customers have any type of in-depth tech knowledge or experience with installing cyber security software. Its services are provided through a convenient app, which can be downloaded on any mobile or PC device. If you are on the fence about whether Rubica’s services will be helpful to you, Rubica offers a free cyber risk audit so that you can see exactly what your current risk exposure is. The thorough analysis will highlight areas of concern and potential vulnerabilities in your system that you might have never known existed. The audit only takes about 30 minutes and will give you great insight into Rubica’s capabilities to identify potential threats and provide concrete steps to take to eliminate them.


Another fantastic service that Rubica offers to its customers is a concierge option, which allows customers to ask any questions that arise while they are using their computers or mobile devices. If you are concerned about whether to open a suspicious email or are wondering whether a specific program is safe to download, you can instantly ask of the of the Rubica cyber security experts, and they will provide you an answer in real-time. This is a fantastic option for those looking to be proactive about their cyber security concerns and maximize their use of Rubica’s many services.

The peace of mind gained from using Rubica’s cyber security app is priceless. Even so, Rubica is affordable and accessible to anyone looking to take the most conservative measures to make their online activities as safe as possible. If you have any questions before signing up for the cyber audit or downloading the Rubica app for the first time, the friendly customer service team is more than willing to explain how Rubica can protect you and your family from ransomware.

The sooner you decide to install Rubica on your mobile device and home computer, the sooner you can rest assured that you will not fall victim to any expensive and frustrating cyber-attacks. The worst thing you can do is wait until your mobile device or home computer has been attacked by ransomware before investigating the status of your home cyber security precautions. At that point, your personal data could be lost. Even worse, your personal information could already be in the hands of hackers who will simply sell it to the highest bidder. Speaking as someone who has now spent countless hours repairing my identity and credit score, I can personally recommend seeking out the help of a cyber watchdog, such as Rubica, before you find yourself spending time and money repairing the damage of a personal ransomware attack. There is no substitute for prevention in this scenario, and the good news is that Rubica provides the easy answer.

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