Is Pokemon Coming to the Nintendo Switch?


For years fans of Gamefreak and Nintendo have been clamoring for a console based RPG that centers on the eclectic ‘Pokemon’ franchise. We can tell that the team behind Pokemon are more than willing to dig deep into their franchise library in order to come up with new and innovative products. Just look at ‘Pokemon Go’ — an augmented reality game that allows you to capture ‘Pokemon’ in real life. That isn’t all fans want, however, and the rise of the newest Nintendo console might just be the path by which fans get their long awaited Pokemon RPG.

The reporting team at Game Informer got to sit down with developer Junichi Masuda in order to discuss the prospects of the Nintendo Switch and how they coincide with what Nintendo wants to do with a ‘Pokemon’ console RPG entry. Masuda seemed most keen on how the technology of the Nintendo Switch is going to change how people approach playing video games. Due to the mobile nature of the Switch people are able to play games on the go, at home, with friends, or alone. As a nifty riff off of the conventional Nintendo handheld, the way that people use the Nintendo Switch will inform how the newest ‘Pokemon RPG’ will be played.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of The Pokemon Company, announced during this past year’s E3 that a mainline entry into the ‘Pokemon’ series will find its way to the Nintendo Switch. After Ishihara’s announcement rumors began to circulate and now everyone is trying to get the drop on what is to be expected. What we do know, however limited that intel is, is that the new Nintendo Switch title will be releasing AFTER the newest mobile entries into the franchise: ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Ultra Moon’. These two handheld titles will be hitting shelves for the Nintendo 3DS at some point in late November. We also know that another ‘Pokken Tournament’ will be released in the Fall and it will be a remastered version of the popular fighting game for the Wii with a few additional modes added.

Tsunekazu Ishihara and Junichi Masuda have been as tight lipped as possible in the months since their huge E3 proclamation. Still, that won’t stop fans from speculating. This will be the first main series console entry for the ‘Pokemon’ franchise and it could serve as a springboard for bigger and better things.


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