HBO and Its Highest Rated Show Facing Serious Problems From Hackers as Game of Thrones Is Targeted


HBO is been experiencing some major leaking difficulties similar to the White House, according to the full scoop offered by the prestigious Telegraph from the United Kingdom. The leaks are not coming from the main actors or staff responsible for the production of the incredibly popular show.

The Hackers seem to be looking for two things right now. They want the fame, and they want a hefty ransom. Leaks to Game of Thrones is an epic debacle. Also, the leaks are particularly damaging because the author of the stories, George R. r. Martin stopped writing for the shows, so the predictions made based off of the book are pointless now because of the changes. For example, the show has deviated from the books, which did portray feminism in a positive light to the show being dominated by feminism among other propaganda pushed hard by the far-left social justice warrior movement.

Leslie Cohen, who happens to be the vice president for programmings was a major target by the hackers as they made off with about a month’s worth of emails directly from her email account. in addition to the leaked episodes, the hackers used their sticky, cyber fingers to nab a hodge podge of important, internal documents. Among the documents obtained by the hackers, was a treasure trove of insider documents like letters for job offers to the upper echelon of Game of Thrones’ executives and legal claims against HBO.

HBO did not deny any of this. In fact, they admitted there was a cyber security breach, and it resulted in major theft, including valuable intellectual property for upcoming Game of Thrones’ episodes. Currently, there is an ongoing investigation, which is being coordinated among HBO officials, law enforcement and a variety of experts in cyber security. Additionally, HBO issued a statement reaffirming its belief that the entire email system was not victimized.

This is the second incident for HBO, and the first one included leaks for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” The hackers for the current problem claim to have more data, and they might be bluffing but probably not. The data they allegedly claim to have includes the following: more show data and rumors, future scripts of unnamed shows, data for future HBO programming, future episodes and movies and damaging info for the network. One of the hackers who only goes by Mr. Smith, like all of them in the group, sent threats to network CEO, Richard Pleber. Mr. Smith’s desired ransom to cease the leaks stated the hackers were quoted saying they wanted “our 6 month salary in bitcoin”. They made it clear the total was approximately $6 million. It almost sounds as if they are former employees.


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