‘Pokemon Go’ Launches New Legendary Bird


If you have been clutching your mobile phone in anticipation for some much needed ‘Pokemon Go’ updates then by all means, loosen your clutch! The developers of ‘Pokemon Go’, Niantic, have been in a fervent rush to set things right after the disaster that was Chicago’s ‘Pokemon Go Fest’. The festival promised to be a launching ground for the release of the new legendary birds but, well, it didn’t quite go as planned. More on that later. In terms of some good news, however, we can say that Zapdos is finally available to be caught.

One of the best parts of playing ‘Pokemon Go’ is getting out and hunting the rarest of all Pokemon. So that means the introduction of the Legendary Birds (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno) should be the top of the top, right? Well, sort of. You aren’t going to actually be able to randomly encounter any of these birds like you would other Pokemon. You are going to have to earn them by doing Gym Raids. Gym Raids are a new feature to the game, released in late July, that focus on forcing you to team up with partners to attack Gyms and take them down together. When you take down a gym you get the opportunity to catch a rare Pokemon. Enter Zapdos.

Reports are already out that Zapdos will be an improvement in terms of catch difficulty in comparison to the already released icy bird, Articuno. Zapdos will be reportedly much harder than Articuno but still easier than Lugia. If you’ve payed a semblance of attention to the world of Pokemon then these rankings make sense. In any event, if you want to make your job easier you might want to start training up your rock types. Zapdos is a flying, electric type which means that ground and rock types are going to be your best approach. We advise putting in the work to get your Golem battle-ready.

Zapdos will be the second release of the Legendary Birds after Articuno’s stuttered flight from ‘Pokemon Go Fest’. At the disastrous festival the winning team of the day’s festivities got to decide which bird was launched first. Obviously, Team Mystic won and thus allowed their bird to be chosen. However, data clogging due to thousands of people playing at once messed up the spawn times. As a result, nothing worked and fans were furious. This secondary launch will hopefully remedy that issue.


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