Vega From AMD May Be Used For Crypto Mining


Since the boom of Ethereum and other Bitcoin-like currencies, people are going mad for buying mining hardware. Some specialized devices fetch for thousands of dollars and miners only expect to make minuscule amounts on their investments. For Litecoin or Ethereum, AMD graphics cards have been a favorite. Bitcoin requires even more specialized hardware that only the Chinese have really been utilizing.

The new Vega from AMD has been shown to perform really well with crypto-currency mining. OverclockersUK was one of the first sites to get their hands on the card and they benchmarked it for crypto mining.

The RX 580 and the GTX 1080 used to be the hash kings with 25 mega hashes per second and 32 mega hashes per second respectively. The VEGA has been tested to calculate between 75 and 100 hashes per second based on OverclockersUK’s results. These results have been rumored to have come from AMD themselves, but there is no confirmation of that.

The Frontier Edition had previously tested the card to run at 30 mega hashes per second using older drivers. The latest drivers that will be used upon release will more than double its performance.

One of the biggest issues that vendors are now concerned about is the card being sold out before legitimate gamers can make a purchase. For this reason, it is likely that stores will set purchase limits to mitigate these cards from flying off of the shelves. This is exactly what Scan Computers International did with the release of the GTX 1060 and it worked quite well.

Since there is a demand for the card, AMD had delayed the launch so that there is a huge enough stock produced to keep up with the initial demand. The first wave of cards will be launched on August 14 and will also include various bundles and discounts from retailers.

In general, the Vega will also be a powerhouse card that will rival the gaming performance of the latest NVIDIA cards. It will be a direct competitor to the GTX 1080. The graphics IP is completely upgraded and it will have a new memory caching system. The GPU chip will be built on a more precise 14nm silicon manufacturing process. It will also have an amazing 3,584 GCN cores. Of course, the power draw will be rather high so some may want to have power supplies of at leat 1 kilowatts. The low-end Vega cards will be affordable at only $399.

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