Whitney Wolfe Uses Technology to Introduce You to Your New BFF

Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe
Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe

According to recent statistics, almost 70% of students who recently graduated from high school enroll in a college or University the right away. The number of American youth that are attending trade schools, universities, or colleges numbers into the millions each year. A growing number of these students have a difficult time finding appropriate employment when they graduate with their degree.

While college graduation and earning a specialized degree should be an exciting and proud moment in a young adult’s life, it is often filled with doubt and worry. The stress that can be created from not finding a job right away can be an enormous burden on a new graduate. They’re not only faced with insecurity about their financial future, but many graduates also leave school with a lot of debt in the form of student loans that can weigh heavy on their mind.

Added to this stress is the emotional toll that can be created when a recent graduate is faced with the decision to move away from loved ones in order to find successful employment in another location. Such a task can make a young adult feel even more isolated in an already stressful situation. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate the loneliness? Surprisingly, the answer may come in the form of a new electronic app.

What is Bumble?

It’s no surprise that technology has taken over the world as we know it today. A huge portion of the population, young or old, has access to a smartphone or other device with which they access the internet and stay in touch with others.

Bumble BFF is a brand new technology based app designed especially with women in mind. Created by a young entrepreneur named Whitney Wolfe, Bumble BFF is a spin off from the dating app called Bumble. The original dating app was designed to put women back in control of their romantic relationships and the dating process overall. In today’s society, women are often at the mercy of the men they are romantically interested in. Most women are taught to sit back and let the men take the lead, leaving them confused or frustrated with how things are turning out in their romantic relationships. Whitney Wolfe set out to correct this common complaint by creating a dating app that put women in charge. When a female user downloads the Bumble dating app, she is in full control of the men she interacts with. She makes the first move and reaches out directly to any male users she may be interested in getting to know. If she doesn’t message them first, they cannot make contact with her, ensuring that she is always in charge of her dating destiny.

What is Bumble BFF?

When Whitney Wolfe created the Bumble dating app, she quickly became aware of another issue affecting hundreds of thousands of women. As brought out at the beginning of this article, many young college students find themselves moving to larger cities once they graduate to find acceptable employment. This process is stressful and can be lonely for many women in particular. Moving away from the friends and family you have spent years of your life with can leave you feeling alone in the world at a time when you need support the most. Through a strong desire to help women facing this exact life situation, the idea for Bumble BFF was born.

How Does Bumble BFF Work?

Bumble BFF is not a dating app but is rather designed to help women everywhere find like minded female companions that may very well become their next best friend. The app functions much like the dating app that came before it. Female users can swipe right or left on other female’s profiles to indicate an interest in reaching out and getting to know them better. Profiles will indicate the other individual’s likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, career goals, and other personal information that will let you know if you share important things in common. Once a match is made, new friendships are quickly born. Communicating directly through the app is easy through the existing messenger service, and if you hit it off with a new potential friend, you simply arrange to meet them in person.

Since many college graduates are still setting into their new stage of life, the overwhelming majority of them don’t have time to go out and meet friends in more traditional ways. Relying on technology opens up a wide world of possibilities, and this is especially helpful to recent graduates who find themselves living in a brand new city where they don’t know anyone. It’s also a very beneficial app for those who tend to be a bit more shy, as it’s always easier to meet new people online and break the ice before arranging to meet in person.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

The creative mastermind behind Bumble BFF is a young woman and successful entrepreneur named Whitney Wolfe. As a young woman herself, she knew firsthand how difficult traversing the dating world could be for a female in a male-dominated universe. In fact, her first experience with helping to create technology to improve the dating scene was with the well-known app called Tinder. However, Whitney Wolfe quickly realized men had the upper hand with all the existing dating apps, Tinder included. So she set out to use her creative and driven personality to create an app that specifically gave full control to women. Within the platform used by the Bumble app, contact with other users can only be initiated by the female, ensuring that she is always in control of the situation and how it unfolds.

Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble in 2014. It has found enormous success and now boasts well over 19 million users from all over the world. The ban of improper behavior such as sending or posting nude photos has caused the app to take off and gain a huge following.

Whitney Wolfe says that she always had an interest in entrepreneurship. In fact, she helped create and sell tote bags during her early college days. She used the funds earned from these sales to help those affected by the BP oil spill that was going on at that time. Not long after graduation, she partnered with a friend to become the co-founder of Tinder, which remains successful to this day. Whitney’s creation of Bumble and Bumble BFF further rounds out her entrepreneur resume and displays her creativity and drive toward creating a better way for women to experience dating and friendship. Whitney Wolfe continues to find inspiration from the women she helps and has experienced the privilege of being named One of the Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech by Business Insider in 2014. There’s no doubt that Whitney Wolfe will reach all of her career goals as she works with determination, dedication, and passion for helping others.

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