Imran Haque On Why Lasers and Fillers Are Effective Anti-Aging Solutions


Imran Haque is a doctor by profession and currently an internist at North Carolina in Asheboro. He graduated in 1998 from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo. Since then, he has been on the field practicing for at least 19 years now. As a practicing medical internist at Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque provides his professional services to the people of Asheboro and Ramseur as well as people living in the surrounding areas.


The Doctor currently holds a practicing license in medicine. He is also in charge of maintenance, registered under the certification program for internal medicine in North Carolina. Imran Haque is highly dedicated to his work and is also very popular among the people because of how well he handles his patients. He is both professional and friendly and has won the heart of many in North Carolina.


At Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran specializes in varied internal services. He performs medical procedures for internal problems and procedures; he also specializes in cosmetic treatment and has offered services such as the 360 resurfacing. Talking of cosmetic treatment, in March 2017, Lisa Fogarty from Bazaar composed an article about the various cost-effective anti-aging treatments.


In the article, Lisa pointed out how many women would rather go for serums and moisturizers and shy away from lasers and fillers because of the widespread perception that the latter is expensive. However, some women would very much defer with this perception. This is because in the long run, as much as these anti-aging treatments would be a bit more costly, they are very much cost-effective. They can actually prevent a major skin problem from becoming a major stress in future.


When it comes to skin care, dermatologists would always recommend products that contain peptides, hydroquinone, hyaluronic acid, some growth factors as well as retinol. Lisa, after speaking to various skin care experts, managed to compile seven anti-aging treatments. Besides being non-invasive, these treatments have been proven to be more effective and even cost less expensive than some of over the counter products.


These products, as combined by Lisa in the article, are as follows:


1. Laser Hair Removal

Most women are used to the common hair removal procedures such as shaving, threading, and waxing. These procedures, however, can be highly irritating especially when they leave the skin red and uncomfortable. Moreover, the procedures are always just temporary as you will always have to repeat them and even rush to re-do them on special occasions such as before dates or during trips to the coast.


Lisa went on to explain that professional laser hair removal might be costly but it pays off in the end. The procedure involves the permanent removal of the root of the hair. Even Dr. Joshua Zeichner highly recommended this procedure, especially in women with light skin and dark hair. The doctor is the director of clinical research and cosmetic in Dermatology at the hospital in Mount Sinai.


The estimated cost of this hair removal treatment is $500-700 per treatment, and the average patient would require up to five treatments.


2. Skin Resurfacing and Brightening Lasers

Fraxel is one of the most requested and leading laser procedures. As explained by Dr. Zeichner, the process works out by punching several tiny holes in the skin, creating a controlled wound and taking advantage of the fact that the skin can heal itself. During the healing process, the skin will be improved, excess pigmentation will be shed, and the texture will also be evened out. A single Fraxel treatment would cost up to $2,000 with a guaranteed grand difference in the skin.


On the other hand, as Imran Haque would also recommend such skin resurfacing treatments since he has nearly 15 years of experience performing 360 resurfacing. In North Carolina, people trust him for providing the best skin resurfacing procedures within weeks.


3. The PICO Genesis Treatment

Due to extreme sun damage, many women often run up and down looking for skin brightening and lightening ingredients. When totaled up, the cost of these ingredients can really be high. This is when the PICO Genesis treatment comes in and saves the day. The treatment involves the use of ultra –short laser pulses which give a photomechanical shockwave.


This shock wave will then destroy the pigment and also stimulate re-construction in the upper layers of the skin, leading to a brighter and a more even tone. This is as was told by the owner of Dermatology and Laser Surgery Centre of New York, Dr. Macrene Alexiades. A full face treatment of the PICO Genesis would cost up to $1300.


4. The Exilis Ultra


This is a technological new laser treatment that uses ultrasound energy and radio frequency to tighten sagging skin. This technology is not restricted to one area of the body; it can be used on the abs, thighs and even the jowls. Dr. Debra Jalima, a certified dermatologist, highly recommended this treatment.

For the lower face, this treatment technology would cost about $1,500 per treatment. The number of treatment will depend on how lose or sagged the skin is and can add up to four.


5. The Venus Legacy

This aging treatment is highly special for its ability to reduce cellulite. Women would look for that in treatment. This yet another laser treatment tightens the skin by contouring the face and also by firming sagging skin. It uses magnetic pulses or radio frequency energy to heat deep within the skin so that elastin and collagen can be renewed.


For this treatment, as explained by Dr, Neil Saddick, one should expect to pay up to $3,000. Moreover, some resistant areas of the body might require more treatment sessions.


6. Fillers

The work of fillers is to make women look fresh and youthful; women who are not afraid to embrace the needle. Voluma filler is often used to give volume to the face, and can therefore prevent sagging. Volbella filler, on the other hand, is used on the mouth and lips. It enhances the lips and improves fine lines. Kybella filler works best under the chin, dissolving fat. When compared to creams, these fillers are way more effective and cost-friendly in the long run.


7. Botox

Botox is a neuromodulator that is used to prevent or slow the aging process by reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. This injectable can cost up to $600, depending on the intensity of the wrinkles and the areas one wishes to treat. Moreover, Botox will deliver instant and amazing results.


Due to his vast range of medical field capabilities, Imran Haque can also be trusted to perform the above procedures, just like the people of North Carolina have so believed in him.

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