Apple Pressured by the Chinese Government


In an unprecedented move that no one saw coming, Apple decided to partner with the Chinese government to filter the internet from the Chinese citizens. Apple did this by removing some of the products in its app store that were helping the Chinese access the internet. This means that through Apple products, it would be almost impossible to fight with the Chinese Great Firewall. Most of the products that have been targeted by Apple and the Chinese government are products that have been designed by foreigners. These products also help users evade Chinese internet filters. These products disappeared from the Apple’s app store in a day.

ExpressVPN is one of the few companies that have been affected by the move. The company decided to post a letter that it had received from Apple to its social media pages. The letter explicitly noted that the company was offering products that are illegal in the country. Later on, officials from the company confirmed this through a tweet. Throughout the day, various searches revealed that most of the virtual-private networks had been pulled down. Through its blog, ExpressVPN termed the move as unfortunate and surprising. The company later said that it was disappointed by the move saying that the government has now tightened its measures on blocking VPNs in the nation. They expressed their disappointment with Apple for agreeing to work hand in hand with the Chinese government.

Another company that had been affected by the move is Golden Frog. For the past few years, this company has specialized in developing security and privacy software. One of their most popular software is the VyperVpn. Through their president Sunday Yokubaitis, they noted that their software had been removed from the app store. He said that his company was disappointed with Apple for agreeing to aid the Chinese government. To make the situation worse, Apple didn’t cite any Chinese law that makes the use of VPN illegal.

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