Runescape Will Soon Be Released For Mobile Phones


Runescape was a huge hit in 2001 as one of the most advanced Java-based browser game in history. This MMORPG may seem a bit more simplistic than other MMO’s, but the game was cheaper than competitors and had attracted millions over its lifespan.

Since many of its players spend long hours at the computer to tediously gain levels, many had wanted the game on their cell phone so that they can continue their grind on the go. It is now becoming a reality and Jagex will be launching fully-featured apps by 2018. This will feature both the main Runescape game and OSRS.

Once this port is finished and released, it will be one of the most advanced games available for the mobile phones. Accounts used on the main game will be the same used on the mobile platform. This means that players can continue their adventure from anywhere and will not have a lite version of the game. Most other mobile MMORPGs are very limited and do not have much replayability in comparison.

Phil Mansell, the Jagex chief operating officer, said the release of the mobile version came from the response of the community. After taking player surveys, they had discovered that 64% of players would consider playing on a mobile device. They are simply appeasing their fan base.

Oldschool Runescape will be released much sooner than the latest game. This is likely due to the graphics and gameplay being more simplistic. The live game will be expected to have the same high-definition graphics, so it will likely be suitable for the highest-end phones.

Many of the top Youtube Runescape-related content producers are already tripping over themselves to get into the best release. Youtube reviewers are racking up hundreds of thousands of view just giving brief announcements of the mobile version.

There are many theories as to why Jagex suddenly created a mobile version after so many years. Some believe that the Chinese company that had bought $300 million into the company is changing the direction of the project. Either way, the game may reach millions of new years since it will likely be a top game on the app store. Games like World of Warcraft have yet to create a fully-featured mobile version to appease their fans. For this reason, Runescape is ahead of the curb and may have even more survivability in the dying MMO market. Stay tuned for even more announcements of the upcoming mobile beta.

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