Aloha Construction: Utilizing Only The Best Technology to Repair Your Home


Aloha Construction, Inc. is a construction company based in Lake Zurich Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. While they are best known for their superb roofing and siding services, Aloha Construction does many other types of home repair projects as well. For example, they install gutters, fix windows, replace worn out screens, put on shutters, install insulation board, and many other repairs. With an eye always toward preventing damage in the future, they also put in downspout systems to channel rainwater and storm water away from your home.

Aloha Construction utilizes a very clever play on words, “We Reign When It Storms.” This slogan also cuts to the heart of what matters most during a crisis. If your roofing shingles have been blown away by the wind, or a five-hour hail storm has just torn your roof up, you need professional help and you need this professional help as soon as humanly possible. Aloha Construction “reigns” during this type of crisis because they swoop in like superheroes and save the day. The longer you go with a damaged roof, the more chance you have for major water damage and mold damage to your home. With this at stake, you want a company that “reigns.”

All of Aloha Construction employees are required to go through extensive home repair training at respected schools like the Vinyl Siding Institute. So, when you have a team from Aloha Construction show up at your home to put on new siding, you’ll know that every man and woman on the job is not only fully bonded, they are also certified vinyl siding installers. Management at Aloha Construction is keenly concerned that every aspect of the project run smoothly. They will even call you two weeks later to check to see if you are fully satisfied with the work that was done.

Aloha Construction understands that home repair is not just about the actual repair! It’s also about making sure the crew cleans up afterward and protects the state of the property and yard during the repair. Where other construction companies will trample your flowers and plants, Aloha Construction actually goes out of their way to protect your vegetation from getting harmed during the home repair project. They also do a great job at picking up all the nails and not leaving any messes behind. After a project is done, and the crew leaves, they make sure there aren’t any traces they were even there, except a you’ll have a new roof, new siding, or other nice home repairs!

Dealing with insurance companies after a major hail storm or wind storm can be daunting. These companies often try to get out of paying what they should pay or out of covering everything they should cover. Luckily for their customers, Aloha Construction is very experienced and adept at dealing with insurance companies. They seem to have a special knack in working with insurance adjusters and even help their customers file their insurance claim. Many customers have expressed their gratitude with getting all they deserve from their insurance company. In fact, not only do they get a new roof after their old one has been damaged, Aloha Construction’s customers often get an upgraded roof that is less likely to get damaged in the future. On top of this, Aloha Construction actually gives their customers a ten year craftsmanship warranty that gives their customers a guarantee they will repair anything that goes wrong for ten years.

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Aloha Construction is also known for their good customer service and professional attitude. They know how to simplify the decision making process. For example, one of their customers complimented them for giving them real houses to look at to make their decision on picking the color for their new roofing shingles easier. When Aloha Construction representatives come to your home, they don’t try to “sale” you anything. If you have storm damage, they simply point out the damage and give you the facts straight up. There are no surprise fees or add ons later on. They simply outline the work needed, explain why it is needed, and give you an itemized list of the price. Then, they go to work helping you get the insurance company to foot the bill!

A commitment to excellent service doesn’t stop with their customers. It seems Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction, has a generous philanthropic spirit with a special penchant for helping out kids. After founding the Dave Farbaky Foundation, closely associated with Aloha Construction, Farbaky made an special arrangement with Rick Derr, owner of Learning Express Toys, to give four needy children a fun toy shopping spree. Each child was given a big bag and told to grab all the toys they wanted in sixty seconds. They were so impressed with how thankful and polite the kids were, they gave them each an extra thirty seconds to grab more toys. Derr enjoyed the experience so much he decided to give a forty percent discount on all the toys the kids grabbed so the foundation could stretch their “good deeds” dollars even further.

The foundation has committed to completing monthly “random acts of kindness” for kids in the Lake Zurich area. Even before Dave Farbaky started his foundation, he had a soft spot for kids in need and would do things for them without any formal recognition of it. For example, a twelve year old boy with serious heart problems was distraught having undergoing five open heart surgeries. Farkay gave the boy free tickets to the Chicago Bulls game. The little boy and his mother were absolutely delighted and expressed a profuse thank you.

If this is the man who founded Aloha Construction, it is easy to understand how it has become one of the most respected construction companies in the Chicago area. They have many happy customers and they’ll soon put a smile on the face of many grateful kids. Customers can also take great pride in choosing to work with a construction company that gives back so much to the community.


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