WhatsApp will let you share any type of file soon

WhatsApp Android

WhatsApp is bringing in its media bundling feature soon using which users will be able to share any type of files.

Reports of WhatsApp testing out this feature emerged last week when users of the Android beta started reporting of the new feature (media bundling) alongside one aesthetic change (a new call screen).

As per reports floating around in social media platforms, the media bundling feature was spotted by WhatsApp beta for Android users as they started seeing a change in the way photo bundles will be shown to the sender and recipient. WhatsApp users can send a bunch of photos to their friends, who will receive them as a bundle and not as before, one after another.

The new feature refines the sharing of multiple photos on the platform. The feature also indicates that WhatsApp will give more room for shared photos.

Once the update is made public, users will also likely see a minor change to the WhatsApp call screen where users will now have to swipe up instead of sideways to pick up a call.

We haven’t seen the two features on our Android smartphone despite running the latest beta and it seems that it was a controlled roll out and only a few users managed to gain access to that feature.

Last week, WhatsApp was reported to be rolling support for sharing of all types of files (including archives) on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone with a limited number of users, removing any hindrance of file sharing on WhatsApp.


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