YouTube announces all-new video format VR180


YouTube is also jumping the virtual reality bandwagon with it’s CEO Susan Wojcicki announcing a new format VR180 that will make VR content creation slightly easier for creators.

Google’s Daydream team is working with several manufacturers to build cameras from the ground up for VR180 video format, the company announced earlier.

According to YouTube, the all-new VR180 video format will ensure what’s in front of the user is high resolution, and “look great on desktop and on mobile.” The new video format will enable depth, where “near things look near, and far things appear far,” adds Wojcicki. The new format is capable of delivering 3D video while capturing 180 degrees of vision.

YouTube’s main focus is to boost VR with the new video format as it can be seen on phones with regular 2D screens as well as VR headsets like Cardboard, Daydream, and other headsets which show images stereoscopically in 3D.

Google has already signed up partners including YI, Lenovo, and LG who are actively working with YouTube to bring new cameras priced same as a regular point-and-shoot camera. These cameras will have the capability to easily upload the captured video to YouTube as well as live stream videos.

Google has revealed that the first cameras will hit shelves this winter. Google has also opened a VR180 certification program for other manufacturers who want to join. Z Cam will be one of Google’s first partners under the program.

“We want to make VR more accessible and more affordable for viewers and creators. The reality is, filming 360-degree VR videos isn’t easy for most creators and some VR cameras are expensive. That’s why I’m thrilled that YouTube and Daydream have worked together on a new format, VR180, and new cameras, which make it easy and affordable for anyone to make VR videos,” said Wojcicki.


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