Xbox One S prices reduced ahead of Xbox Scorpio E3 2017 reveal

Xbox One S

Prices of the Xbox One S have been reduced by as much as $50 ahead of the Xbox Scorpio E3 2017 reveal.

We are not sure if the prices of the Xbox One S have been reduced permanently or a temporary one. Considering the number of deals that are being offered with Xbox One S we believe that the price drop might be a temporary one.

The lowering of Xbox One S pricing could mean that the Xbox Scorpio might carry a lower price tag as well as with Microsoft adopting a much more aggressive pricing strategy to compete with the next PlayStation in the US and other markets.

The Xbox Scorpio price could be $399 according to noted analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities. During his show Pachter Factor, he set out to list his predictions for E3 2017, with the Xbox Scorpio price headlining it.

According to Pachter the Xbox Scorpio price has to be lower than what the Xbox One cost at launch and it would crucial if Microsoft hoped have a “chance of remaining relevant this cycle” and that the company can’t afford to “price themselves out of the market.

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