HHVM 3.20 released with better PHP7 compatbility


HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) version 3.20 has been released with a few fixes as well as better compatibility with PHP7.

The HHVM 3.20 is the newest release of this alternative PHP interpreter. HHVM is maintained by Facebook developers as it serves for their Hack programming language.

HHVM 3.20 has improved PHP 7 code compatibility with corrected scalar typehints behavior, adding the LibSodium extension that’s coming to PHP 7.2, and more. Other work includes continued performance improvements, a time-limit for time spent JIT’ing per request, and more.

Noteworthy changes

  • PHP7 Scalar Typehints behavior corrected (the issue).
  • A patch for 3.20 is coming that fixes Composer while running on HHVM in PHP7 mode.
    LibSodium extension added: This is an extension that will be added in PHP7.2 (not built for Debian7). Since it is not released in PHP yet it is experimental as the spec may change.
  • Timelimit for time spent JITing per request. See the hhvm.jit_max_request_translation_time setting.
  • Reusable TC now runs on a worker thread, cleaning up translations without tieing up request threads, or the request treadmill.
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


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