Google keen to push through in India’s online education sector

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Google is keen to push through in India’s online education sector after it has learned that there has been a massive surge in education-related queries on both search and on YouTube.

Google carried out a study with KPMG to find out that the online education sector in India is picking up lately with the sector becoming a $1.96 billion (ro’ughly Rs. 12,670 crores) industry by 2021.

Google wants to focus on the online education sector and it understands what the people in India want says Nitin Bawankule, Industry Director, Google India. While speaking with Gadgets360, Bawankule says that the online education sector is spread across a number of different areas – tutoring, test preparation, and higher education are all in the formal sector, while there are more informal areas such as re-skilling, corporate training, and language learning.

Predictably, growth in mobile queries has far outpaced PC queries, as the number of users for the former shot up dramatically in India. Bawankule says that much of the growth acceleration has been in the last year, crediting it to the Jio-effect, as other providers have also cut data tariffs to stay competitive.

For the online education sector, Bawankule tells Gadgets 360 that important changes need to be made to meet the projected demand. He believes that better content models, with more video based instruction, is going to be critical. Better hiring linkages will matter a lot as well, as lack of recruitment possibilities is seen as a major issue with online education, he adds.

What is Google’s role?

According to Bawankule, the key role for Google is to enable the ecosystem. The company is well placed to understand what people want through its search and other platforms. Further, Google is providing tools for developers, and working with offline players to help them move online as well.

“The market is huge, and we are helping in a number of different capacities,” he adds, pointing out that the Chromebook team has been doing very well in the education sector in India, as it is globally.

Beyond that, he says, there has been a “significant jump in niche players who are realising the importance of addressing specific problems in education, rather than trying to deliver a broad solution.


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