Dawn of War III releasing on Linux today; will run/render correctly on Intel ANV Vulkan

Dawn of War III Linux

Finally the day is here when Dawn of War III will be rolling out on Linux and to much delight of the fans, the game will run/render correctly on Intel AVN Vulkan.

Dawn of War III is releasing on Linux with OpenGL and Vulkan support and according to the developers of the game, the game will work fine with Intel ANV Vulkan driver as long as you are using the very latest Mesa Git.

Alex Smith has done a few ANV-related commits into Mesa with one of them being setting better descriptor set limits that will allow Dawn of War III to render correctly on ANV.

Meanwhile, it’s coming down to the line of whether RadeonSI in Mesa Git will support Dawn of War 3 at launch, since Samuel’s bindless texture patches have yet to land and are required by this game, but for my testing will be using Samuel’s branched Mesa anyhow.

On Linux, the game will launch with OpenGL by default. However, an option to play using the Vulkan graphics API will be available via the Feral pre-game options window. Using cutting-edge technologies and 3D rendering methods, Metal and Vulkan will deliver the 40K universe to macOS and Linux in stunning form, read a note in the initial press release about Dawn of War III on Linux.


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