faces issues with some product listings; serves error with dog photos

Amazon Dog Error faced some issues with a few of its product listings because of which many of its customers were served error pages with dog photos.

“Sorry something went wrong on our end,” Amazon said on a page some shoppers were sent to after clicking on items from its US home page. It turns out that a different image of a dog greeted users each time.

Digging deep into Twitter feeds, it turns out that shoppers started facing these issues around early afternoon Pacific Time and subside after 2 pm (2100 GMT). Amazon hasn’t revealed what may have caused these errors and representatives haven’t reached out with any clarification yet. doesn’t really face such outages, so this particular one does intrigue us.

Earlier in February this year, Amazon’s cloud storage and computing business – Amazon Web Services – suffered a technical disruption. The widely felt outage underscored how enterprises from news sites to even Apple Inc rely on Amazon’s cloud for some of their day-to-day operations.

The latest glitch was unlikely to slow Amazon’s growing control over consumers’ wallets, however.

The world’s largest online retailer averaged more than $151,000 in sales per minute in North America last year, reflecting lost opportunity from even short-lived disruptions.


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